Contour a flawlessly sharp jawline

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Jaw Fillers

  • Jaw fillers serve to enhance the appearance of the jawline by adding volume and sculpting the jawline, addressing concerns such as weak or recessed jawlines, asymmetry, and harsh contours.

  •  These fillers are utilized to refine and enhance the lower face, resulting in a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing appearance.


  • After the free consultation, numbing cream is applied to the area.
  • The filler starts from 1.1ml and if more is needed for the desired look, a second appointment can be booked or more filler can be added.
  • For £180, the process is carried out by a licenced professional using high quality products.

Time required

  • The numbing cream takes about 15-20 minutes to fully work.
  • The procudure takes 45 minutes. If another appointment is needed for the desired look, you can be booked in after 2 weeks or so.
  • Any swelling is gone after 24 hours.


  • To ensure best results eating and drinking is not advised during or directly after the process.
  • In case of heavy swelling or itchness, consult us to get recomendations for soothing creams.
  • Avoid makeup, touching the area, and direct heat or extreme cold exposure for a few days

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