Fat Dissolving 

Say goodbye to stubborn fat 

What is fat dissolving?

Professionally contour your body

Fat dissolving is a non-surgical procedure that uses injectable treatments to break down and eliminate localized fat deposits in the body, such as around the chin or love handles. These treaments lead to a reduction in fat volume over time, without the need for surgery.


The results will be gradual, the solution breaks down the fat, changes can be noticed after a few days. The consultation will explain how many sessions are required for your desired results.

Remember to stay hydrated for aftercare.


  • Slimmer and toned appearance 
  • Minimal pain 
  • No downtime with Lemon Bottle 
  • Decreased body fat

What we offer

Brands: We use Lemon Bottle and Aqualyx. They are recognised brands of injectable solution used in fat dissolving procedures.


Process: Before starting, a consultation is provided to discuss the process and risks. The time for the process depends on the area, anywhere from 15-45 minutes. Clients are required to either lay down or stand for their session, depending on the area. 

Not sure? Drop in for a free consultation at our women's only clinic or call us